Here are two programs that are amazing. Don’t you hate it when programs add themselves to your startup. Like all these programs load in the system tray (the group of icons right by the time) and you don’t know where they are or how to disable them. Well welcome to a world of no more bull$hit, ahem.

Startup Control Panel
This program is a simple little thing that adds an icon to your control panel. It gives you simple check boxes on a few tabs and by simply unchecking a box you will disable a program from starting up and slowing down your computer on boot.

Startup Monitor
Even if you choose not to install startup control panel this little program is well worth the download. Startup monitor works in the background and it’s sole purpose is to alert you when a program is trying to add itself to startup. You’d be surprised how often this happens. The savings of wasted boot time and memory hogging alone is worth the download.