Okay, that was a little melodramatic, but this thing has been popping up, forever. If you’re running a windows machine it’s probably running right now (Ctrl + Alt + Delete then look at the Processes tab)

What is it?
Ctfmon is basically “Advance language options” seen mostly by the presence of the language bar. (That little microphone and question mark that show up on the right side of your task bar).

Why do I care?
It’s wasted space, it uses my computer for no reason and slows down the time it takes my computer to start up. So far I don’t need it and I don’t think I’ll ever need it but just in case I won’t delete it.

How do I stop it?
To simply turn off ctfmon.exe go to
Control Panel>Regional and Language Options>Languages>Details>Advanced,
and check the box that says “Turn off advanced text services.”

Found on a forum reference with this article. (Last post)