I was recently amazed at some of the common ailments that simple hydrogen peroxide (sometimes diluted with water) can cure. I had an ear infection, went to www.earthclinic.com and read a lot of comments about hydrogen peroxide. Among other things, it cures ear and sinus infections. So I tried it. Yes, it works. I got a free syringe from the pharmacist and squirted some into my ear, let it sit for a few minutes and then drained and dried it. Repeat. People have posted some variations of this cure in detail on that site. Check it out.

I also had weird dry scaling patches (psoriasis) on my eyelids. I had tried lotions, oils, tea tree oil (which is usually a favorite), alcohol, antibiotic cream, etc. Once the hydrogen peroxide started working for my ear infection, I figured – why not. In only a few days of applying it once or twice a day, the tender, flaky, irritated, embarrassing patches were completely gone! I am quite pleased. But wait there is more.

I was originally turned on to earthclinic because a friend had a bad yeast infection and didn’t want to take a week of medication prescribed by her doctor. Wanting a more natural approach she searched and came across an easy quick cure using hydrogen peroxide on earthclinic.com. This site is great because it is everyday people like you and me posting natural cures and comments about cures.

The first time I was impressed by hydrogen peroxide was several years ago when I had inadvertently gotten bug repellent (100% deet) on my tongue. Ok, I’ll tell the story. I was in Africa and applied it to my face (surprisingly, it didn’t melt my face off but it melted some of my plastic stuff). Soon after I licked my lips, getting a little deet on my tongue. Well, I couldn’t taste anything for almost 2 weeks. I felt like I had paint on my tongue. I went to the doctor when I returned to the States but he was of no help. I tried the CDC but they were useless as well. I was loosing my patience because not only had I lost my sense of taste but also my sense of smell. That deet is some nasty stuff. So in frustration, I went into the bathroom and looked for ANYTHING I hadn’t already tried to relieve my suffering. Wouldn’t you know it. I gargled once with hydrogen peroxide and my tongue was back to normal. I was so grateful and amazed.

Just recently I have been learning about the amazing properties of water so it doesn’t shock me anymore that hydrogen peroxide could be so healing. What shocks me is the fact that such easy, safe and inexpensive cures have been kept from pubic knowledge for so long. I’ll address my amazing water findings in another blog but for now, if you know of any great home remedies, go to earthclinic and share with the rest of us.

Check out this link for more information by Dr. David G. Williams.