No. Why would I intentionally put something in my body that can create the flu or worse. The odds of getting swine flu are extremely rare. The odds of contracting it and dying, even more so. There’s something that’s not right about a new flu that has a vaccine. Think about these scares. If there’s nothing bad going on in the world then a flu comes about. It happened with mad cow disease (that wouldn’t happen with an animal that was raised halal cause the cause was a cow was fed another cow. Men created it by going against nature.) This made media headline, as we all know. Only 3 people died from mad cow in the US (Of those three 1 was from Canada) and 214 world wide. Then there was Bird Flu. Worldwide since the WHO started collecting data in 03-09, there have only been 262 cases world wide. Zero South America, North America, or Europe(there were some cases reported in Turkey.) Now there is Swine Flu. In all, 50 cases are known to have occurred since the first report in medical literature in 1958, which have resulted in a total of six deaths. Of these six people, one was pregnant, one had leukemia, one had Hodgkin disease and two were known to be previously healthy.

So here are the odds of you contracting and dying from each of these diseases: (I’m doing the math intentionally high on the disease side. It’s supposed to the be cases reported each year divided by the global population this year, then averaged. I will take all the cases ever reported and divide by the world population. An unrealistically high figure.. just so you can see what we’re talking about.)
Global Statistics (Versus US Statistics in Parentheses)
Mad Cow 1 in 32 Million (1 in 103 Million)
Bird Flu 1 in 26 Million (No cases reported in US)
Swine Flu 1 in 136 Million (1 in 51 Million)
Other Comparisons
Death by lightning in just the US during your lifetime: 1 in 5000
Winning the Mega Millions: 1 in 135 Million
Motor Vehicle deaths worldwide in 2004: 1 in 5,553
Royal Flush in Poker: 1 in 260,000

Death Caused by Cardiovascular Disease: 2.9 in 10 people

It’s bad enough we have these low risk diseases with so much media attention. Now we have companies making a profit on these scares. GSK has reported £1 Billion (Roughly $1.66 Billion)  expected in sale just from vaccines by the 4th quarter 2009. So the moral of the story is. If it said it in 2 or more of the 3 major religious text (Torah, Bible or Quran) not to do it, don’t do it (eating pork.) If it seems like something that’s extremely wrong (feeding cows cows!!!) don’t do it and finally don’t believe the hype whenever something is happening major and scary do you own investigation.

My Anthro professor once said a method of a nation united is to have a common enemy, whether it be real of fabricated, the threat holds people together. If you look at what’s going on in all of this and what they want you to come out with the end result is, don’t travel, live in fear, hate people who we don’t understand. So my message is, travel, don’t live in fear, and ask why should we hate that person. If a person is screaming in the street we often ask someone around them “why is that guy screaming?” it’s funny how when the media screams at us we just accept it as fact.

Even a regular flu shot can have adverse effects. Just look at the video below.