Moisturize your face AND neck daily

Don’t wear too much makeup if you do, wash of your makeup the second you don’t need it.

Dress up but don’t show off your ASSets like you’re having a bake sale. No one will buy the buns if you’re giving away free samples.

Always wear a bra, even while sleeping

Measure yourself for a bra, your girls are worth it.

Make exercise a part of your routine now and you’ll thank me later

Drink plenty of water

Ask for help and remind a man you are a woman with playful and gentle words, when need be

Offer to pay but accept a man’s payment

Never put out if you really like a man. A man that wants to take you home can’t wait but a man who want to take you to his family’s home can.

Don’t tempt yourself. If you hang out, alone, with a man when you’re already in a great relationship you are one slip away from messing it all up.

Don’t cheat, open the relationship or break up.

Don’t cheat because you’ve been cheated on. Karma’s a bigger bitch than you are.

Empathy that’s acted upon, communication and trust are necessary components to every great relationship.

Lack of communication is the death of a relationship.

Use your mind AND heart. Don’t assume because you love someone it will work out neither should you assume that just because that person has all the things on your list, you will love them.

Love is a living thing. It grows and dies based on how we take care of it.

Girls this list will be ongoing.. so make some suggestions and I may add them.