By now you’ve probably heard about how the raw movement effects cancer but I’ve stumbled upon some helpful information with specifics on what to eat and what it does. Here’s a quick list. Use it as a reference guide and feel free to comment with your remarks.

Sugar Cleanse– Eliminate anything white like rice or wheat or white bread. Eliminate all sugars in coffees and tea as well as anything with “High fructose” or any Corn syrups.. since those are hidden names for sugar. Simple sugar is the problem like in white flour, it’s process to be simple. No bagels or toast. She can have whole grain only and careful with store bought pitas, not all are made with wheat flour.

If you absolutely need to have a bit of sweet then try Stevia but use very little.
Splenda and anything with phenokelenes or aspartame will create carcinogens (Cancer causing elements)

Block Carcinogens – Berries (Goji Berries, Camu Camu Berries, Organic Strawberries) A handful of berries a day should do it. Try and mix up the variety.

Halt Tumors – Garlic. Try a quarter of a clove in the morning of fresh raw garlic. That will help halt tumor growth.

Destroy Tumors– Cruciforus Vegetables (Broccoli, Broccoli sprouts, Onions, cabbage, cauliflower) Google it but any vegtables that are cruciforus, taken raw, will destroy tumors

Turmeric+Black Pepper– Block Blood vessels creation in new tumors. That’s why people in Pakistan have less cancer cases. The diet includes black pepper and turmeric. The fresher the better. Turmeric is great but if you add black pepper it multiplies it’s potency by a factor of 1,000.