Photo by kgreggain

In the Quran it says: Allah guides who He wills. It doesn’t say he will guide you through the Quran or through your parents or through Biblical scripture. It’s just a general thing it can be anything including the aforementioned.

Once I went to the Poconos and told my friend to take a walk with me. We went to the store and purchased a self-starting fire-log. Once we entered the woods and found a clearing we lit the log. As I looked into the flames I realized something Fire teaches you a lot about life. If you stand to close you will get burned if you stay too far you will freeze but if you stay somewhere in the middle it’s a beautiful thing. The warmth and the light. The smell and the smoke. It’s beautiful to watch and I realized that almost every relationship that we have with people and the material follows the same rule. You can’t eat too much because you’ll get fat, eat too little and you starve, speak to a parent too little and you lose them, speak to a boyfriend/girlfriend to much and you smother them.

Unfortunately humans don’t look at the world that way. When we see something that we don’t like we run all the way to the opposite extreme. We seldom realize that we’ve just ran past the sweet-spot. In life take what you need, not what you want, don’t over do it. Don’t be extreme don’t drink too much or eat too little don’t stay away from your family or smother your significant other. Find the sweet-spot. I can’t tell you where it is but I can tell you that it is definitely not at the extremes.