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This man plays 100 riffs, excerpts so to speak, from 100 classic guitar song. It makes you want to get up and learn to play the guitar. It’s great to hear and the name of each song is listed as he plays them. Maybe you’ll discover a new/old favorite.


An 1890 German recording was thought to be lost when media historian Patrick Feaster stumbled upon a photograph of the recording and was able to extract the audio from a photograph. Imagine the possibilities.

Sixteen Minutes to Palestine

// Entry #39

Although under occupation, siege, and the steady threat of invasion, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip must continue with their everyday lives.

A Palestinian man sits in the shade of his storefront in central Gaza City.

In the Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City, Kareem sits with his father and brother during a family visit.

A Palestinian student holds one of two images of his brother currently detained in Israel’s Nafha Prison. Hussain Mustafa Al-Loh is serving a 99-year prison term without ever being formally indicted. His family, like many families in Gaza and elsewhere, await his return.

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