Disclaimer: All this information is to the best of my knowledge. I am not a doctor and so you should consult one before starting any diet or exercise routine. All claims made here are just my humble opinion and you assume full responsibility if you follow any advice without consulting a professional. You should always double check the facts yourself and I encourage you to do so. If you find anything that is untrue in the statements below please let me know and I will update the information.

We’ve all hear it. Diet and exercise. The question remains: A diet of what and what kinds of exercise?

The Diet

How it works:
The key is to eat every 2 and a half to 3 hours, without fail. I recommend the meal replacements because it’s not always easy to eat 6 meals a day, you can do a meal replacement every other meal or any 3 meals in the day.

Why? Because your body is a furnace, if you don’t put fuel in it will start storing food in the form of fat, if u keep it buring it will start using food as fuel and your fat will be consumed as well as long as you follow the instructions below.


Why do sugar/carbs make you fat?

Sugar or glucose is a form of energy for your body. The simpler the energy the faster your body can use it. You can find high levels of simple sugars in white bread, white rice, many members of the yam family (ie potatoes), and of course sugar. There are other names for sugar like Fructose, Sucrose and Glucose. Over all sugar is needed by your body the problem is spiking your blood sugar level. When you eat products that are high in simple sugars they spike your blood sugar level and your body’s response is to release insulin(provided your not diabetic) it’s a necessary process. The reason we get fat is insulin takes the sugar in your blood and stores it as fat. That’s why, when you eat too much sugar, you get tired after eating. That’s also why McDonald’s and other fast foods will get you heavy in a short period of time. There is excessive amounts of sugar in your soft drink, fries and the bread from your bun. Not to mention that a few of these fast food places add sugar to the meat itself.

Why is Salt Bad?

I’m not a doctor but what I do know about excessive salt is it helps your body retain water. Bloating and swelling. Not a good thing.

What about trans fats, what are these and why are they bad?

Tran fats are bad because they are man made. Saturated fats are like blocks of fat in your blood stream and cling to the walls of your arteries coating them and constricting blood flow. Unsaturated fats are less likely to do that. Trans fats, however, are the worst, your body does not now how to handle them because they are not natural they also leave a coating on the walls of your arteries but the coating is much smoother and regular. This creates a buildup that doesn’t move off of your arteries very easily. If you put butter on a knife and rinse it under water it’s irregular shape will create create pockets of resistance and will move off bits and pieces. Margarine is much smoother and will allow the water to move over the surface but will not budge. The end result is anything that is “hydrogenated” will lower your good cholesterol AND raise your bad cholesterol. That takes us to our next point, fiber.

What is fiber? Why am I supposed to eat more?

Fiber comes from a plant. Plant cells, unlike animal cells, have walls. These walls are made up of cellulose. When we consume fiber this cellulose works in our body to move and push out things. It cleans the walls of our intestines and absorbs things in our blood stream. When you increase your fiber you actually end up lowering your bad cholesterol and raising your good cholesterol. Here’s the bad news: white rice, white bread, french fries, and white pasta have very little fiber. They are processed and simplifed and that processing destroys most of the fiber. The good news? If you switch to Brown rice, wheat bread, wheat pasta, or eat oatmeal/bran or other things high in fiber that will not only help you get your fiber but those things don’t have simple sugars. So you won’t get tired after eating them (as long as you’re not eating loads of sugars in other parts of your meals.) These foods have a low glycemic index.

What is the Glycemic Index?

Glycemic index is a scale used to measure the way sugar breaks down in your body. When something has a high glycemic index then carb becomes a simple sugar easily. That’s not a good thing because of what we spoke about above. When a carb has a low glycemic index then  it becomes a sugar over time, the more time it takes the less likely it is to spike your sugar. It will give you a steady amount of energy.

Low GI(Glycemic Index) Less than 55 | Medium GI: 56 – 69 | High GI: 70+

You need to eat protein, carbs and oil, not saturated fat like butter. If it’s a solid fat, at room temperature, then it’s saturated, and you shouldn’t be eating it. Try to eat grilled or baked, if u can. Definitely. no fried foods.

You’ll need a serving of protein and cabs for every meal and a serving of veggies for two of those meals. A serving is easy to measure, it’s a hand full. If you’re bigger, you’ll have bigger hands, smaller, likewise. Easy.

The recommended foods are as follows:

Chicken Breast
Turkey Breast
Lean Ground Turkey
Orange Roughy
Top Round Steak
Top sirloin steak
lean ground beef
lean ham
egg whites or substitutes
low-fat cottage cheese
Baked Potato
Sweet Potato
Steamed Brown Rice
Steamed Wild Rice
Fat-Free Yogurt
Whole-Wheat Bread
Green Beans
Green Peppers
Brussel Sprouts
Safflower Oil
Sesame Oil
Canola Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Olive Oil


After years of study there are two routines that I consider to be phenomenal. The results are fast and effective and they get your whole body in shape, both will give you washboard abs and a great physique.

A. Body for life

This routine is good for men and woman, woman will not get as big as men because they’re levels of testosterone are significantly lower. They will get in good shape and be toned.

If you’re serious you should get this. It’s myoplex, it’s 58% off. It’s a meal replacement, you need to bring up the amount of protien and carbs you eat. Here’s the link in case the above doesn’t work.
and this, it’s muscle armor you should shop around you can get it for around 60 bucks. It helps you recover faster.

Next you need the routine:

It alternates,
day1: upperbody,
day:2 cardio,
day3: lowerbody,
day4 cardio,
day 5: upperbody,
day 6: cardio,
day 7: pig out, no gym. (Cheat day, yay!)

Now how it works for upper body, lower body and cardio. You need to print out these sheets:
Download the two excel sheets at the bottom. There are 84 days for both workout and 84 days for meals, print it all out.

Now the HOW of working out.
You need to pick two exercise for each muscle group. All the sets have a one minute rest between, except the last one. no rest in between the last one. Now every set for a muscle group is the same, except the last one. You need to switch excersices and no rest. You judge the weight u need to used based on intensity, explained below.


say you pick, for biceps, dumbbell curls and the bicep curl machine. this is what it would look like.

12 reps: dumbbell curls
one minute rest
increase weight

10 reps: dumbbell curls
one minute rest
increase weight

8 reps: dumbbell curls
one minute rest
increase weight

6 reps: dumbbell curls
one minute rest
decrease to original weight, or less, depending on how u feel

12 reps: dumbbell curls

12 reps: bicep curl machine
two minute rest
move on to next muslce group

The cardio is broken down, to the minute, based soley on intensity, on those sheets.

You should hit the levels it indicates. 1-10, 1 being, doing nothing and 10 meaning you’re cursing the day your mother met your father.

To increase intensity with weights, usually u need to up the weight, if you don’t make it to all your reps then you need to lower your starting weight.

To increase intensity with cardio, up the resistance or speed, depending on the machine, maybe both, that’s up to you.

B. PX90

If you hate gyms or don’t have time to make it to one, this one is perfect for you, all you need is a dvd player or a computer with a dvd player, some floor space and time.

It’s a 90 day routine that will get you in amazing shape and has everything you need to get started. The only downside is you’ll have to buy the dvd’s. You can find them here or at http://www.extremebodyworkout.com/p90x-products/p90x.php

Now there’s no reason you can’t get in shape. Even if you choose to do something different you now have the tools you need to have the body you’ve always wanted. Continue reading