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There are many videos that show you how to peel a kiwi fruit but most of them are not as efficient as this method. If you have a better method post it in the comments below.


Trendy Girl has an article that explains how to turn your hoodie into a shoulder slung laptop case. This can come in handy when traveling or in a pinch. Click on the image below or here to get to the full article.

You really gotta love lifehacker. This French guy opens a bottle of wine with his shoe.

I’m guessing it’s using the same principle that’s used in that party trick that blows off the bottom of a glass bottle only you blow the cork out instead of the bottom of the bottle.

We’ve all had our share of Buffalo Wings and thought, there’s gotta be a better way. Well there is. I stumbled across this video at lifehacker.

You can find the lifehacker article here

Cooking In a Hotel Room

This Brit find a creative way to use the appliances and resources at his disposal to create a very reasonable meal.

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