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Birth Control, The Natural Way

The pill doesn’t thrill you. You’re sick of fumbling with condoms, sponges and foams. You’re in a committed, monogamous relationship… but not looking to start a family. Well, there’s an all-natural – and widely misunderstood – option that can keep you from getting knocked up. And no, it’s not the rhythm method…

Is FAM the Right Choice for You?

To all the fellas

I wanted to put this out there for all the younger guys that I know that are having trouble with the intimate side of a relationship. This is what I’ve worked out so far. The way a person gets good in bed is by caring about the person in bed with them.(Sounds pretty obvious). She’s the one that is going to say you’re good or not. Now that’s the end game: coming out looking good. So what’ the pregame.. well it starts with her. This is what you need to do. Learn to step back. Say no to her. If she’s not ready and you realize it first. Then stop. Let her know you can wait. That little bit of explaining goes a long way. Why? A woman has sex in her head. A man has sex in his penis. So how do you match the two? Clear her head, don’t ever lie. Just be honest and explain what you want and what you can offer. Exchange ideas and refined and define your commitment or lack there of. If she’s not gunna agree to what you want or vice versa than you two should step back. Otherwise your whole realtionship will have turmoil. Give her peace of mind and in exchage you will have good sex. Give her honesty and trust and in exchange you will have great sex. Give her monogamy and fidelity and in exchange you may even have amazing sex. Give all you can and be upfront about what you can’t and what you can give and with each thing that you’re willing to commit to it will get better.

Oh yeah, and be sure that you don’t get pu$$y whipped. C’mon guys really if a woman calls you for a booty call don’t drop everything. Apologize and let her know what you would do to her if you were there but make sure she knows that, if you’re in the middle of something, you still have your priorities in line. She may hate you for the moment but she will respect you for it. Sex is a man’s kryptonite every time you say NO it ends up building up a wall that make it look like it doesn’t affect you. That will make her trust you more, if you can say no to one woman you can say no to another. It will let her know that you can turn down open invitations if you are not logically connected. When you say that you have to go make sure you end with a kiss that will leave her weak in the knees, that is if you want to come back. She should think about that when you’re not there. Leave smiling and it’s okay to be playful but be respectful. Public displays of affection were good in Hisgh School but c’mon. Keep intimate moment in private. You never know who out there is lonely and wishes they had what you have. It’s not right to rub it in someone’s face not to mention the different religous factions that doen’t accept such things. We’ve all done it but we need to keep up the effort of self control.

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