Here are two stories about two, apparently different, Japanese car manufacturers that claimed to have produced vehicles that run on good ol’ H2O… I’m not so sure..

Vehicle 1

The problem with this vehicle is, although it seems great.. where are they getting the hydrogen from? There is no talk about using electricity to extract hydrogen. The paperwork that the company files even claims it runs on compressed hydrogen. How do they generate the Hydrogen and if they generate it in the vehicle is the compression done on the spot? Although it works with hydrogen, based on what I’ve seen, I would classify this vehicle as a steam vehicle. If they can prove that the hydrogen is derived from the water.. then we’re talking.

Vehicle 2

The problem I have with this vehicle is how does it generates electricity from water. How? We all know how to generate electricity from hydrogen, which in and of itself it’s hard enough. The second problem is you also need electricity to separate the hydrogen from the water (As far as I know). If you keep using and generating electricity.. what’s left to fuel the vehicle? I’m not a physicist and can’t do the math.. but I think somethings up here.. If I’m not mistaken, every time you convert energy from one form to another some energy gets expelled… something gets used up. I don’t know. Though I would love to know how these two vehicles really work.