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This weeks cnet newsletter covers online storage sites. Here are the basics for each service.

Microsoft SkyDrive
Storage capacity: 25GB

Cost: Free

Storage capacity: Unlimited

Cost: Free

Mozy Online Backup Home
Storage capacity: Unlimited

Cost: 2GB for free, unlimited for US$4.95 per month

Storage capacity: Unlimited

Cost: US$54.95 per year
Storage capacity: Up to 5GB (Individual plan)

Cost: 1GB for free, 5GB for $9.95 per month

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In 2006, in Banglore India, a student has discovered a way to store 256GB of information on a single A4 sheet of paper (Roughly the size of a standard sheet of paper). The application paves the way for CD/DVD/Blu-Ray less info. Imagine the cost/benefit relationship. Not to mention the accessibility and storage capacity vs size. Imagine a standard business card housing an artist’s portfolio or a film director’s card housing movie clips. Click the title for the full story.

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