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Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer shows you how to test the sharpness of a knife and when and how to hone or stone your knife.

Checking your knives sharpness: 

Honing your knife: 

…and when that doesn’t work Stoning your knife: 


Whenever you watch a tutorial as long as it’s a supported quicktime 7 format you can watch it up to 3x faster. Quicktime 7 (and earlier version) have an option that kind off works like watching something in fast forward with the sound on. The only difference is that the audio doesn’t have distortion from pitch. Meaning, your tutorials don’t sound like they’re being done by Alvin and the Chipmunks. This is great because you can actually understand what the instructor is saying.

You really gotta love lifehacker. This French guy opens a bottle of wine with his shoe.

I’m guessing it’s using the same principle that’s used in that party trick that blows off the bottom of a glass bottle only you blow the cork out instead of the bottom of the bottle.

We’ve all had our share of Buffalo Wings and thought, there’s gotta be a better way. Well there is. I stumbled across this video at lifehacker.

You can find the lifehacker article here

This one’s is pretty impressive. A group of scientist came up with an algorithm for resizing an image. The idea is to stretch or shrink the image while maintaining the image’s main focus. Unlike standard non-uniform stretching or contracting, which leads to distortion, this method allows the subject to stay uniform while modifying the contents of an image. The image is treated a lot like an MP3. What MP3 does for compression is it removes sounds that people cannot ordinarily hear and thereby makes the file size significantly smaller. Click heading for video. I’ve also added a link to the internet resources section, on the right, to a web based application based on this algorithm.

This is a great little tutorial on photoshop using a screen recording app called Camtasia Studio.
Take a look at it and visit Camtasia’s website at the link below.

If you need a screen recording software this is a full blown professional version with several cool options like PIP video, voice overs, title tracks, and soundtracks. The interface is simple and the company provides various video tutorials in order to help you get the most out of your experience.

The interface is user friendly and well thought out with the essentials placed in all the right places.

Camtasia Studio

Below a series of videos that show you how to use photoshop. The educational value is minimal but the comic value is priceless. Enjoy. (Thanks Richie)

First part

Second part

Third Part



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