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Microwave Radiation Protection Part 1

North America’s obsession with the oh-so-quick and convenient microwave may be pushing us from the frying pan into the fire. An estimated one out of every two households has a microwave oven. Modern cookbooks abound with recipes for cooking with this handy device. Yet an increasing body of evidence is calling into question the safety of one of our favourite kitchen appliances.

History of the Microwave

Microwave ovens were introduced into the market for domestic use in the early 1970s. At that time, they were considered relatively safe if properly cleaned and with door seals well maintained to prevent leakage. There was but a hint that their safety and the nutritional values of microwaved foods weren’t what the public believed. However, in 1989, Dr. Hans-Urich Hertel, a Swiss food scientist, and professor Bernard Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology began conducting extensive research on the effects of microwaved food on humans. Using a carefully controlled protocol, nine people, including Dr. Hertel, were alternately exposed to microwaved and conventionally cooked foods from organic sources. Samples of participants’ blood were taken right before eating and at certain intervals after eating.

Researchers found that after microwaved food consumption, there was significant reduction of all blood hemoglobin and cholesterol values (both good HDL cholesterol and bad LDL cholesterol), and that bad cholesterol levels were elevated relative to good cholesterol levels.

Lymphocyte (white blood cell) activity decreased notably after ingestion of microwaved foods compared to that of non-treated foods. When exposed to blood from those who had eaten microwaved foods, bacteria that glow when examined under a special light glowed much brighter than when exposed to blood samples from those who had eaten non-treated food. This established an association that energy from microwaved foods may be passed on to those who consume the food.

Read More on Microwaves: Modern Miracle or Menace? by Croft Woodruff, MH (Hon.).

We all know that cancer can be eliminated through diet. William Li talks about the specifics of diet on limiting the blood supply to cancer. It’s a very informative video.

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